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Surya Namaskar: Common Problems

This article is devoted to the most common problems that occur during the performance of Surya Namaskar, and methods for solving them. With a little time and attention and in your next lesson you will move easily and smoothly.
When you get all the elements of Surya Namaskar, you feel very good. Graceful, rhythmic postures awaken the whole body, allow you to concentrate and revitalize your breath. However, the very same dynamic movements, thanks to which Surya Namaskar fills us with joy, make this exercise difficult to correct, because it needs to be divided into parts and “tuned up” individually. There is sure to be one that you don’t like, for example, you constantly strike your finger when you lunge forward, or your lower back hurts when doing the bar, your breathing goes astray during specific asanas, or you cannot breathe as deep as the rest of the group .
These little things are not just annoying – they prevent us from getting the most out of Surya Namaskar. Therefore, you need to pay attention to them and either work out postures, or change them in a way that will be comfortable for your body. Time will not be wasted – the breath will become deeper, the body will be stronger, and you will get much more extensive experience from this important series of asanas.

Problem: Half Up
This is a subtle movement during the ascent from Uttanasana to Ardha Uttanasana, which we often skip by barely lifting the spine. However, if you do not pay due attention to this transitional posture, you will “save” breathing, run the risk of pulling your neck, and also do not achieve the main effect – strengthening and relaxing the spine.

In order to properly perform Ardha Uttanasana, one should raise the chest enough sun salute 1 Surya Namaskar: common problems:
high so that the paravertebral muscles begin to work. That is, you need to raise your shoulders to the level of your hips or slightly higher. If you have well developed muscles in the back of the thigh, you can touch the floor with your fingers while stretching your back, but most people still prefer to keep their hands on their legs.
From Uttanasana, put your hands in the middle of the lower legs (if it’s hard for you, then on the upper part). Pressing your palms slightly on the lower leg, lift the torso until the shoulders are on par with the hips. In this case, the upper part of the hips should lean back, the back should be stretched forward, and the chest should be straightened. Feel how the paravertebral muscles work and complete the breath before leaving Uttanasana.

Problem: Staying still in the Planck Pose
If the Planck position is unstable, your wrists and lower back may be affected. Our tips will help you engage your inner core in the performance of this asana and stabilize the blades so that the load is distributed throughout the body. In this case, the pose will be easier, more pleasant and more dynamic.

In Plank Pose, arms and shoulders should be directly above the wrists. However, if you move your palms a little forward, it will be much easier for you to engage the outer part of the shoulder blade and take your shoulders away from your ears, which will help your neck stay long and free of tension. So, rebuild the Pose of the Planck so that the shoulders are above the wrists. Move your feet back 5-7 centimeters so that the palms are slightly in front of the shoulders. Rest your toes on the floor, spread your shoulder blades, stretch your neck from your shoulders, feel how these actions fill your arms and upper back with strength. Try to raise your chest above the floor, this will make the upper abdomen tense.

Problem: put one foot between the palms
It may be difficult for you to rebuild from Adho Mukha Svanasana (Dog face down) into a Warrior pose. If you cannot immediately put your foot close enough, you will find yourself in a position in which the knee will be
too bent, which prevents the hip flexor muscle from stretching enough to take the second step and stand in Uttanasana. By slightly changing this transition, you will take the perfect step, which will not be a problem for the knees and will allow the thigh muscles to stretch enough.

So, being in the pose of the dog face down, take a slow deep breath. During exhalation, drop to the floor on both knees, now lean on your left, and hold your right ankle with your hand and move forward to the desired distance. Now rest your fingers with your right hand right in front of the right foot and start sun salute 4 Surya Namaskar: common problems: straighten the left knee and stand in the Warrior’s pose. You may feel somewhat awkward, but believe me, with practice you will be able to make this transition without falling to your knees.

Problem: putting too much effort jumping forward
The correct transition from the Dog’s pose with its muzzle down to Uttanasana, in which the feet stand right between the palms, is a beautiful sight. However, it is not necessary to do just that. If you try to jump further than your body can allow, then you will strain your neck and upper back heavily and pointlessly.

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