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The most effective abs exercises for girls

How to pump up a girl? Of course, you need to perform special exercises on the press. Exercises for the upper and lower press, as well as exercises for the oblique muscles of the abdomen, look in this material.

Time passes, and the question “how to pump up the press” is still one of the most popular. There is simply a huge variety of exercises for the abdominal muscles and it is rather difficult for an “unprepared” person to figure out what they need. In this article I will try to solve this problem.

I have already described the main criteria for achieving not just a flat stomach, but a relief press in the article “How to get a relief press”. I hope that you will read it too and therefore in this article I will not repeat myself and will focus on choosing the right exercises.

The best exercises for the press: what are they?

First of all, they are safe. What I mean? That any exercise should be appropriate to your level of training. It makes no sense to try to pump up the press with, for example, a famous roller or press wheel, if the simplest twists are difficult for you. Because you will not be able to do it correctly and other areas will be subjected to extreme stress, in this case, the lower back. And any exercise, in most cases, is effective as long as it is given to you hard. So, if the simplest type of twisting for you is now quite difficult to perform, then it will be effective at this stage.

How to achieve a beautiful press for a girl?
It was not in vain that I used the word “beautiful”, because it is very easy to “get carried away with the process” and instead of a harmonious and neat relief get a wide waist (or rather its absence) and a masculine torso. To prevent this from happening, I will give you some tips:

1) include in the training equally exercises that focus on all areas of the press: upper, lower and oblique muscles

2) exercises on the oblique muscles of the abdomen (this is all that is associated with turning the body to the right or left) in most cases, perform with your own weight, so as not to make the waist wider. Those. Of course, if you perform, for example, the “Russian Twist” exercise with the ball a couple of times a month, nothing bad will happen, but if you do this every training session, then most likely you will greatly develop the oblique muscles of the abs and remain without a waist

3) do not too often perform exercises in which you need to lift the body when the legs are fixed at the top (an inclined bench for the press is used for this) – this can also expand the waist a little, since such exercises form a “deeper” drawing of the muscles, if so can be expressed. But that doesn’t mean do not use at all! I really like the system in which in one workout you can perform two exercises with lifting the body on an inclined bench (or add leg lifting in the hang), and in the next three exercises on the mat with its own weight. Using a combination of these workouts, you can get a neatly shaped relief press. By tracking the effect, you can do either more workouts on the mat or more exercises on an incline bench.

4) replace the exercise with a more difficult one when it has become too easy to carry out – this will ensure your progress

5) you do not need to download the press every day – for growth, the muscles need time to recover

Press exercises for girls and men: what is the difference?

In principle, there is no difference, because our muscles are built in the same way and, accordingly, are included in the work with the same exercises. The only question is that girls usually want to get a “pumped-out” press and, as we have already figured out above, not to expand the waist. And therefore, girls should perform less abdominal exercises with additional weights. And of course, some exercises can be corny too complicated for women simply because we are usually physically weaker.

How to pump up the press for a month?
I would like to answer “no way”, but this is not entirely true. In fact, with regular training 3 times a week, in most cases, after a month and a half, the shape of the upper press area already appears. But this is only on the condition that there is quite a bit of subcutaneous fat on the stomach. Otherwise, your abs simply will not be visible, because it “hides” fat over the muscle. Accordingly, if you are overweight, then you need to “connect” food with a calorie deficit and aerobic exercise (cardio). Well, in this case, to make the press visible, of course, it will take more time.

Further I will give some of the most “working”, in my opinion, exercises for the press for girls that will suit most of you. Exercises will be divided into groups, depending on the area on which they focus more on the load.

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