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“If you are going to postpone the practice until tomorrow, you may suddenly find that life has slipped away!”
Milarepa Shepa Dorje, September 1117 A.D.

In order to start changing, you need desire, not Mondays!

7 levels of motivation for doing yoga:
Level 1 (health) – Muladhara. At this level, a person chooses yoga practice in order to improve his health, cure a sore back, improve the state of blood vessels, get rid of headaches, and get out of a state of apathy and low energy. The motivation for achieving this level will be the achievement of a state of harmonious functioning of all organs and systems of the physical body, as well as strong immunity.
In the classic work of Patanjali “Yoga Sutras” it is said that the practice of yoga should be long, continuous and attentive. Yoga is a powerful medicine that, however, acts slowly. Therefore, do not expect quick results (although it may become easier for someone after the first lesson). At the same time, the positive results from such classes will be much longer.

2nd level (energy) – svadhisthana. At this level, a person is motivated to do yoga primarily to achieve a high level of vital energy, to enjoy the practice. Yoga at this level charges a person with optimism and actively releases endorphins – hormones of happiness and satisfaction with life.

Level 3 (transformation) – manipura. At this level, a person feels that the practice of yoga has seriously and irrevocably begun to change it, not only from the outside, but also from the inside, melting any clouding and laziness into self-confidence and action! Help yourself to be motivated for actions – paste pictures on your home room and workplace with pictures of asanas. The best images: these are photographs of people in perfect sportswear, photographs of famous gurus, saints and deities, as well as yogis in complex asanas.
At this level, there are also strict willful rules in the style of “I will be engaged every morning for 2 hours.” The elements “for a long static fixation” are actively connected to the training.

Level 4 (joyful emotions) – Anahata. At this level, after practicing yoga, a person clearly feels the freshness of perception, clearly controls his emotions and is in a state of positive joyful emotions. We also add the law of magnetism (if a person studies the strong energy of success, happiness and gratitude, then he will inevitably be attracted to what will help to flourish in the future, as well as the energy radiated in the present will form situations that cause even more reasons for joy. Again it all starts with relatively internal variables – the quality of thoughts and feelings within a person.
The science of yoga, for good reason, claims that joy is within us. As I already mentioned in other articles, a man, in addition to the physical body, also has energetic (a consequence of which the physical is). Yoga is a science of working with energy, with the help of which self-awareness more and more leaves the firm habit of considering oneself as a physical body, to understanding that everything in this world is energy, and our body is also energy, and all the processes of thinking and feelings are also energy, which in turn affects the physical through the energy body.

5th level (creativity) – vishudha. With an increase in the energy potential, the control over the new qualities of the energy that has appeared increases correspondingly. To consolidate this quality, it is necessary to remember the constant structuring of the energy received as a result of yoga practice. Any practice of yoga is associated with the conversion of dense energy into high quality energy, as a rule, this is the conversion of basic sexual energy into creative, spiritual. It is necessary to give creative energy a way out, into space. This can be expressed in a variety of ways – in the form of deepening the practice of meditative techniques, knowing one’s infinite nature, or karma yoga (caring for others, when we devote all our efforts to serving close people, our master, a good deed), or creatively refers to work, social manifestation, or to show one’s nature in music, in fine art, etc.

6th level (knowledge, wisdom) – ajna. At this level, the mind is fully connected to the choice of the way to do yoga. A person begins to analyze the system that he is engaged in, an element of understanding systematicity, combinatorics and building his own complexes appears. On the one hand, there are clear “mental” criteria for what is good and what is bad, and on the other, it sees the same beginning in everything, and it ceases to strictly classify “good – bad”. A person begins to see many diverse methods around and wonderful people teaching these methods. In fact, everything is good, but just designed for different purposes and for different people. In practice, wisdom and a clear understanding of what, in what quantities and for what is needed.

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