Hitch and proper rest after training
The vast majority of beginners in fitness forget or intentionally ignore the completion of the final set of exercises, in a hurry to do other things. In addition, they do…

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dejtingsajt for unga
Bodhi Yoga Concept
The concept (from lat. Conceptio - understanding, system) is a certain way of understanding (interpretation, perception) of any object, phenomenon or process; main point of view on the subject; a…

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Why crossfit is needed
In a number of areas of fitness, crossfit is a separate line. This is one of the most fashionable areas of physical fitness among adherents of a healthy lifestyle was…

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Yantra Mandala for concentration and meditation.

Yantra is the oldest magic resonator, existing from time immemorial in India, Tibet, China and other countries. It acts both at the psychophysiological level, changing the electrical activity of the brain, and at the level of psychoenergetics, creating an informational biological field. These fields can carry a protective activating harmonizing character, be tuned to a specific person or place.

The application of color in yantra is symbolic. Color is never used to enhance the decorative qualities of a diagram, but expresses certain philosophical ideas and an internal state of consciousness.

The mandala, even when a square or a triangle is at the heart of this geometric composition, still has a concentric structure. It symbolizes the desire for a spiritual center, mental and physical, which is reflected in the structure of many temples and stupas in the form of a mandala.

A striking feature of all mandalas is the high visual harmony of its constituent elements, symbolizing the divine harmony itself, contrasted with the confusion and disorder of the material world.

The main meaning of the mandalas is the model of the Universe or some part of it in certain parameters. With its help, the depths of the subconscious or a special universal rhythm resonating with the Cosmos of the unconscious are achieved, which often allows you to rebuild the human psyche.

Sri Yantra for concentration and meditation practices From the point of view of modern anatomy, physiology and neurology, the entire composition and individual elements of Sri Yantra are created in exact accordance with the mechanisms of human perception and nervous activity, up to taking into account the characteristics of their neural organization. It has been scientifically proven that Sri Yantra has a great effect on the human psyche. In particular, experiments have shown that even a brief fixation of the gaze on this image activates the right hemisphere, the activity of which often manifests itself in the form of creative insights and intuition.

Meditation itself consists in focusing your eyes on the image of Sri Yantra. First, we focus on one of the corners of the outer border of Yantra. Then slowly move it clockwise along the border of the square. Having thus reached the starting point, we pass to the inner circle. Bypassing the circle in the same way, we pass to the ring of petals. From it – to the next ring, then – four circles of triangles and thus, we reach the center point. On it we hold our gaze for 15-20 minutes. Then we close our eyes and look at the “afterimage” for a while. When it disappears, meditation can be considered complete.

After deep immersion in the practice of psycho-training and meditative trainings, it is recommended to colorize Sri Yantra: Meditation in Chelyabinsk on Sri Yantra

At first, for most people, concentration seems almost impossible to accomplish, because distraction by thought, by virtue of a deeply rooted habit, is ongoing. In the first months, most people, as a rule, do not have noticeable results. You seem to encounter the unwillingness of the mind to submit to your will. There is a feeling that the stream of thoughts is simply impossible to interrupt, and deliberate fixation for a long period of time on the same object is impossible.

Concentration of attention is the focusing of consciousness. Attention (avadhana) is an integral part of concentration and serves as a sign of developed will. It is inherent in people with a strong character.

The practice of concentration paves the way for meditation. Therefore, before starting any meditation, be sure to devote some time to concentration practices: on a candle, on a point, on a breath, on the sensations of energy centers, on mandalas or on Sri Yantra.

Mantra meditation is a harmonizing vibrational effect on the structures of the brain and on the whole organism. The human body is never completely at ease – muscles, stomach walls are periodically contracted, wave-like movements are inherent in the intestines. What about the heart? It does not stop for a minute, knocks, vibrates – and we live. The walls of the blood vessels contract, and when we speak, the vocal cords vibrate.

External vibrations “shake” our senses, muscles and brain. Reaching the brain, these vibrations cause a corresponding reaction in it, forcing it to create and think. Of course, today such a hypothesis of the formation of ideas seems naive, but the fact that this hypothesis appeared suggests that scientists have been thinking about the dangers and benefits of vibration for a long time. And at the end of the last century, articles on the treatment of trembling were published on the pages of the Russian journals Neurological Bulletin and Therapeutic Bulletin.
Thanks to vibrations and active muscle contractions, the cells of our body literally push metabolic products into the interstitial fluid, and again gain the ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen, while restoring the metabolism to normal. Vibration also affects blood vessels, strengthening their walls and increasing elasticity.

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