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How to get rid of stretch marks after a quick weight loss

Stretch marks on the body, according to many, look unaesthetic. Often striae (the second name of the phenomenon) appear with a sharp weight loss. Therefore, everyone is eager to learn how to get rid of stretch marks. In pursuit of smooth skin, expensive creams are bought, beauty salons are visited.

But is it possible to actually remove stretch marks on the skin in this way?

Before you get rid of stretch marks, learn more about them.
Striae occur in areas where the most fat accumulated: belly, hips, buttocks, chest. The reason for the appearance of stretch marks is a violation of the production of collagen and elastin fibers. They are responsible for the flexibility, plasticity of the skin, its adaptation to new forms.

Stretch marks on the body appear with a sharp increase in weight. The skin does not have time to create fibers, and some areas “burst”. In their place, crimson, bluish spots form. Over time, they fade to white streaks. In size, texture, striae are different. For some, they are almost invisible, and for some they look like scars.

how to get rid of stretch marks without harm

The fact that many women and men suffer from them. This is a purely cosmetic defect that does not entail any health problems.

Myths about striae:

They can go by themselves. No, the reddened area of ​​the skin may turn pale so that it becomes invisible Or have a microscopic size, be almost invisible. But the structure of the site itself has already been violated. In terms of properties, striae look like scars.

Appear only on dry skin. And if you moisturize the skin, for example, during pregnancy, then stretch marks on the stomach will not appear. This is not true. People with any type are subject to stretch marks.

Stretch marks on the chest and abdomen are found only in women. True, one of the reasons is hormonal imbalance, but it also happens in men. In addition, stretch marks are characteristic of athletes, bodybuilders who build muscle mass too quickly.

There are special cosmetics that will help get rid of stretch marks on the skin. No, this is a myth. Whitened striae can be removed without a trace only with medical help.

How to get rid of stretch marks of white color
Not knowing how to remove stretch marks on the pope or on the stomach, people buy cosmetic creams. These are expensive products, and the duration of the course is significant. Often such a tool has almost no effect on old striae.

Old stretch marks on the skin are white or slightly pink. This skin is already stretched, so it must be corrected by radical methods. The cream works only in the upper layer of the skin, without changing its structure. It is useless for already formed striae.

There are 3 ways to get rid of stretch marks that give maximum effect. In any case, you need to consult a doctor.

Laser resurfacing
How to get rid of stretch marks laser resurfacing

The method helps to make stretch marks on the stomach, pope and other parts of the body less noticeable. The laser also stimulates collagen production, which further narrows stretch marks. It will take several procedures for the visible effect. In a complex injection of special preparations for elasticity and mesotherapy.

Suitable for: people with pale and short stretch marks.

During the procedure, human plasma is introduced into the striae. It is obtained by treating the patient’s blood. The method reduces the area of ​​stretch, makes the skin more elastic. The procedure does not cause allergic reactions; it is considered minimally invasive and quick. For effect, you may need several plasmolifting.

Suitable for: people with insignificant stretch marks.

The most difficult and reliable way to remove stretch marks on the priest and body. This is a surgical procedure that requires long preparation. The doctor cuts out striae, sews normal skin with a thin seam. When healing, the patient uses medications to hide the trace as much as possible. The cosmetic seam becomes invisible and pale, and the wound is healed by new skin.

Suitable for: people with large and rough stretch marks that are not amenable to other methods of removal. Not suitable for those whose skin is prone to scarring: instead of a new epithelium, there will be a rough scar (connective tissue) instead of a new epithelium. Before the procedure, consult not only with a plastic surgeon, but also with an ordinary surgeon.

how to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks on the body: how to prevent?
Warning striae is the best way to deal with them. Cosmetic products work at the initial stage of the appearance of stretch marks, when they are pink or purple. Doctors advise you to act earlier. For example:

adjust nutrition so that there is no fluctuation in weight;

stimulate the skin during intense workouts for muscle or weight loss;

pay attention to the problems of zones when taking hormones and pregnancy.

At the stage of formation, creams will help to remove or reduce stretch marks on the body. They contain tretinoin – a substance that stimulates the production of elastic fibers. You need to use it daily. Remember that the product can cause allergies or irritation, is contraindicated in nursing and pregnant women.

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