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Home Workouts for beginners What kind of fitness to choose What type of fitness to choose

So the hour has come when the desire to put your body in order and start playing sports requires specific actions from you. It remains to decide – what type of fitness to choose?

Fitness (fit, English, to be in good shape or in good shape) is a combination of different types of non-Olympic sports and physical development systems. Engaged in them to change weight and body shape, maintain or increase physical performance. In addition, each direction of fitness has its own tricks and diet programs that allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. Choosing a lesson for your soul and in accordance with the goal will be easier if you know what types of fitness are.

What type of fitness to choose

Who will benefit from power programs
Classical male and female bodybuilding (bodybuilding) is slowly losing popularity. The prospect is repelled by the strong muscle buildup, but at the same time lose health, because it is impossible to do without anabolics. But still, if you really want to “fashion” an athletic figure, try the followingtypes of fitness:

natural bodybuilding – training without the use of any dope;
body fitness – all pharmacology is acceptable, but not obligatory, since the main goal of the classes is to “build” the body with harmonious proportions, but without too voluminous muscles;
female fitness bikini – forms a beautiful athletic body, but without an obvious muscular relief (feature of the direction: in addition to power, regular cardio loads are also used);
male beach or mens physicist – helps to create an aesthetic physique with an emphasis on harmonious proportions of the broad back, shoulder girdle and narrow waist, while it is not allowed to use hormonal drugs.
What type of fitness to choose

Do you want to become the owner of not “puffy” ones, like bodybuilders, muscles, but voluminous and strong muscles? We advise you to pay attention to male and female powerlifting. This sport resembles weightlifting. By the way, for those who want, you can take part in different levels of competition. Powerlifting is included in the program of the World and Paralympic Games. Participants are divided not only into weight categories, but also into age categories. In competitions, power triathlon with a barbell in the disciplines is performed – bench press on a horizontal bench, deadlift, squat with a projectile on the shoulders.

What aerobic training gives
If you want to lose weight, increase endurance, gain toned muscles, prefer dynamic loads and don’t like working with heavy weights, look for something to do among aerobic fitness varieties. This category includes:

Step aerobics. The training consists of learning, and then a long repetition of 2-3 bundles of movements with a rise to a special individual elevation – a step platform. Its height is selected taking into account your physical condition. There are 11 basic steps in total. After mastering them, they proceed to more complex movements – “mambo”, turns and “trampling”.
Fitball aerobics. Exercises using large and small balls will strengthen all muscle groups, slightly increase the flexibility and range of motion in the joints, improve posture, and restore ease of gait.
Pump aerobics. In this type of training you have to “dance” with a special mini-barbell “barbell”. Here you will not get bored – you will need to keep a high pace. Suitable for people in great shape.
Cycling. Alternative to rowing or running machines. Groups of athletes are formed depending on the purpose of training – losing weight, pumping muscles, increasing stamina. The exercise on a stationary bike lasts 40-60 minutes and is held to music. Riding on a flat surface alternates with ups and downs, a working pace with finishing accelerations, etc. The instructor, sitting on his exercise bike facing the group, shows the necessary actions. Behind him is a screen where there is a synchronized video sequence shot on real racing tracks.
BOSU. This direction will help improve coordination and a sense of balance. Exercises are performed on a special simulator – hemisphere BOSU-balance, and its position is constantly changing (convex up or down). Athletes who need rehabilitation after severe leg injuries or brain concussions are often enrolled in such classes.
Nordic walking. Type of cardio load for which the gym is not needed. There are 2 directions – sports and wellness. Classes are held in any weather, year-round, both individually and in groups. For training you need special sticks. This type of fitness is appreciated because the sticks additionally include the shoulder girdle in the work, which allows to significantly increase energy consumption with a slight increase in the load on the heart, blood vessels and lungs.

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