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How to make round biceps: tips on how to pump biceps at home and in the gym

This question is mainly asked by men who are interested in making their hands large and embossed. These athletes are easy to calculate in the gym, because their favorite equipment is the barbell. Their favorite exercise is lifting the barbell to bicez. But this is not the only simulator that helps to build rounded protruding biceps. Other biceps exercises and options for pumping up biceps are in this article.

Where is the biceps
When you strain your arm in your forearm, you see a small bulging ball. It is of different lengths and structures. This is the extensor muscle of the forearm, that is, biceps. Consists of 2 heads: external and internal. Under them is brachialis – the flexor muscle. In the exercises on the hands, when we lift the weight, we use the brachialis, and when we extend the elbow joint – biceps.

How to pump biceps quickly: recommendations
To build round biceps, do exercises that isolate all other muscle groups as much as possible. The main load should go to the heads.
The statement that supination (rotation of the wrist) is mandatory for training the biceps is not entirely true.
If you perform the exercises correctly, then weight is of secondary importance.
Most biceps workouts are easy to do at home.
In the gym, it is not necessary to stand in line to the bar, use a horizontal bar or small dumbbells.
How to make biceps round
How to pump biceps: exercises for biceps with different shells
There are 3 shells for effective work with biceps: horizontal bar, dumbbell, barbell. You can choose one thing for training, but it is better to use different equipment on different training days. Exercise consciously, observing the execution technique. When working out your biceps, you should feel:

muscle tension, which is visible on the arm;
a slight burning sensation on the forearm.
Horizontal bar
To carry out pull-ups for bicez, take a back grip on the crossbar. The wider the setting of the arms, the greater the load on the external head of the biceps, with a narrow grip – the internal works better.

We count the number of times in the approaches. They need to be completed 4:

Perform the first to failure. Count how many pull-ups you did.
Rest in 1-2 minutes. In the second approach, do half of the first.
Rest in 3 minutes. Repeat the amount that was performed in the first approach.
Rest in 1 minute. Repeat the 2nd approach.
This is a serious workout for people with an average level of physical fitness. They do not need to use weighting materials, their own weight will be enough.

Important: during the pull-ups, the latissimus dorsi muscles are also involved, so girls should not be zealous with this exercise so as not to pump over. If there are no other options, then use the horizontal bar through training.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps is performed both standing and sitting. Whatever position you choose, follow the general rules: keep the dumbbells with a direct grip (when fingers are pointing away from you).

Firmly press your elbows to the body, make sure that they “walk” during the training.
Keep your back straight, strain your arms at the elbow.
Choose the weight for yourself: for girls, dumbbells of 1-1.5 kg are suitable, for men – from 5 kg.
How to make biceps round

Standing is convenient to carry out the Hammer exercise. Take the starting position, legs are slightly apart, elbows are pressed to the body, hands with dumbbells are lowered. Raise your hands alternately, but not towards yourself, but parallel to the floor (like a lever). It takes 2 seconds to lift, 2 to return to its original position. At the fixation point, the elbow angle is 90 °. If you can’t keep the back straight, stand near the wall, only the legs and pelvis deviate slightly.

Another option for training with dumbbells is sitting. Sit on a bench, chair or stool (if you exercise at home), tilt the body forward, put your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. The elbow of the working arm rests on the inside of the thigh (does not stand on it), the arm is unbent with dumbbells. Without straining other muscles, gently lift the dumbbell. Lock at the top point for a few seconds and smoothly return to its original position.

At home, dumbbells are replaced with something heavy, such as a bottle of water, a book. But still, it’s better to work with professional equipment, it is more convenient to hold it in your hand without straining your wrist.

Perhaps the most popular biceps simulator in the gym. But the right work with the bar is our everything. The fact is that sometimes due to the large weight you want to “swing” and hold out the shell at the expense of other muscles. This is not true: the body must be static, only the elbow joints and biceps work. Otherwise, everything is simple: bring the barbell to the chest or chin.

How to make biceps round

Useful for pumping biceps will be Scott’s bench, suitable for working with small amplitudes. It is a gentle palm rest, which fixes the elbow motionless. A bench excludes the possibility of injury, since it “turns off” the back muscles from work, so the emphasis is only on biceps – this is its advantage.

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