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What is useful protein shake and how to drink it

Among beginner athletes, the phrase “protein shake” is equivalent to “mountain of muscles”. Many are passionate about choosing the right protein for building muscle. Demand pulled up behind demand too – now there are several tens of protein supplements on the market.

Should I get carried away with homemade and purchased cocktails, what is the use or harm of them? Opinions were divided among athletes and doctors. But before you start the protein miracle course, you should study the basic information about the product.

The main value of a protein shake is protein. This is an organic molecule necessary for the human body. It helps build blood vessels, bones, skin, hair, nails and muscles.

If a person eats properly, he receives the entire necessary complex of useful substances or KBZhU. The abbreviation stands for “calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates.” All athletes or losing weight closely monitor this indicator.

In addition to protein, a protein shake contains fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. You can call it conditionally “complex” drink, which makes up for the need for the right substances. Signature cocktails may contain flavorings, fat burners, and other chemical compounds.

Protein enters the body with food, so athletes zealously lean on meat, eggs, dairy products, cereals. On the desire of people to quickly gain muscle mass, marketers profit by offering ready-made protein shakes.

Is a protein powder shake useful?
The main problem with this supplement is that it is not tested as a medicine. And it can negatively affect health, even if performed qualitatively. Since 2010, US scientist Wayne Campbell has decided to test several samples of purchased protein. In 2015, a similar study was conducted by a group from Brazil. The results are mixed:

in some samples, the amount of protein is less than stated on the package;

residues of mercury, lead, arsenic were found (which is unacceptable for food);

in other samples found anabolics and steroids;

the cholesterol or sodium content is several times higher than stated.

It is still unclear how protein shakes affect the body in the long run. Also, manufacturers do not warn that their additives can be harmful. In pursuit of healthy lifestyle or muscle building, a person will not go to the doctor first to take tests.

A resonance case is associated with this. In 2017, Australian bodybuilder Megan Hefford died. She diligently prepared for the competition, introducing more protein into the diet (including in the form of protein shakes).

The cause of death is a urea cycle disorder. This is a genetic disease (and not uncommon – 1 case per 8500), in which the body cannot break down protein. The case drew public attention to the uncontrolled intake of protein and supplements in a sports environment.

There are bona fide manufacturers on the market, whose products correspond to those stated on the packaging. Such a protein powder is no worse than natural and only simplifies the athlete’s nutrition. But trust is only to trusted brands. Be prepared that you will have to pay a significant amount for a jar of high quality protein.

Protein shakes vs excess protein in the body
protein shake how much protein do you need

The daily norm for a person is his weight multiplied by 0.8. With a weight of 55 kg, you will need only 44 g of protein per day. That’s about two eggs for breakfast and some chicken for lunch. Against the backdrop of a passion for healthy nutrition and sports, doctors say that people consume more protein than they need.

This is due to the misuse of protein shakes. As a rule, they already contain some part of the daily allowance. Another person gets from food. Therefore, if you drink a protein shake for weight loss, muscle growth, or for other reasons, you definitely need to adjust your diet.

What is the danger of exceeding the norm:

digestion disorder;

skin rashes;

mood swings;

weight gain;

kidney and liver problems that cannot process excess;

hormonal disbalance.

It is important not only to comply with the protein norm, but also to properly compose a diet. Protein products are combined with fiber, which helps to remove the breakdown products from the body.

How are healthy lifestyle and protein related?
Bright jars of protein shakes attract the eye in supermarkets. They are taken by supporters of proper nutrition, as well as people who love dairy products. Vegetarians often buy protein: for them, this is a great way to get protein. In some cases, you can enjoy it without harm to health, if you do not play sports:

as an alternative to a snack on the road with a lack of time. Products from the supermarket are more credible than roadside cafes. Satiety from a cocktail is enough for 3-4 hours, it’s easy to prepare, it has a good taste.

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