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Body types: how genetics affect your figure

There are three types of physique or somatotype that affect our appearance. Details on why some of us are prone to gaining fat, while others are lean, read in the article.

There is no denying the fact that in addition to our lifestyle, eating habits and sports, there are other factors that influence how our body looks. It is often called the word “genetics”, meaning that some features of the figure are inherited in us and we cannot change them. So, there are people who, despite the fact that they eat a lot, remain thin, and often even have unhealthy thinness. Many will say that this is a small problem. But such people cannot gain weight even at the cost of tremendous effort. There is another class of people who, even eating moderately, always remain quite full and have excess weight, which is difficult for them to get rid of.

There is also a third group, the rarest, – those who always look quite athletic and fit. Even short moderate physical activities very quickly affect their appearance. They quickly develop muscle proliferation and it seems that they are not at all prone to weight gain.

The reason for all of the above is such a concept as body types.

What is a body type?

The type of physique is the features of the development of body parts and their proportions characteristic of a particular person.

Speaking of physique, you need to introduce another concept – somatotype. A somatotype is more a body characteristic that determines the genetic characteristics of the development of muscle, bone and adipose tissue. It also determines the characteristics of metabolism. Those. somatotype is a constitutional type of person.

The difference between the type of physique and the somatotype is that physique is mainly an external, visual indicator. Body type can change throughout life. With the help of nutrition and exercise, you can change the proportions of the body, the size, the amount of fat and muscle tissue, but you can not change the somatotype. If you are genetically prone to a greater set of adipose tissue than muscle, to a certain structure of bone tissue, then this tendency will not change throughout life. This characteristic can be influenced, but cannot be completely changed. However, the concepts of physique and somatotype are usually used as synonymous, therefore, in this article I will use them in the same context.

There are different classifications of body types (somatotypes). The most common is the typology of U.I. Sheldon. In accordance with it emit

Three body types of a person
Ectomorph is easy enough to recognize. These people are very thin, they have long thin limbs, narrow shoulders and a flat chest. Such people are very hardy. Ectomorph has little subcutaneous fat, and with it, little muscle mass. Having a very fast metabolism, they not only do not gain fat, which is undoubtedly a plus, but also face great difficulties in gaining muscle mass. They can eat a lot, but not gain weight at all.

Mesomorphs were the luckiest. By nature, they have the makings of an athletic physique and have good stamina and high strength indicators. Mesomorph has wide enough shoulders and chest. They have pronounced muscles with a low amount of subcutaneous fat. Due to the moderate, average metabolic rate, such people can relatively easily gain lean muscle mass and quickly lose fat. Unfortunately, this type is least likely to occur.

About endomorphs they usually say: “he has a wide bone.” And this is absolutely true, because their bones are really massive and heavy. This type of physique is characterized by increased accumulation of fat due to slow metabolism. Endomorphophores have short and massive limbs, wide hips, and no pronounced waist. In general, they have a rounded shape. When practicing spur, they demonstrate low endurance. To date, this type of physique, or close to it, is the most common.

It should be noted that somatotypes in a “pure” form are very rare. As a rule, a person simultaneously possesses the properties of several of them. Also, do not forget that somatotype is an addiction. For example, if you are an endomorph, this does not mean that you cannot be thin. This is quite possible to achieve. But, nevertheless, genetically, your body is still more likely to accumulate fat than to gain muscle mass.

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