How to make round biceps: tips on how to pump biceps at home and in the gym
This question is mainly asked by men who are interested in making their hands large and embossed. These athletes are easy to calculate in the gym, because their favorite equipment…

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Bodhi Yoga Concept
The concept (from lat. Conceptio - understanding, system) is a certain way of understanding (interpretation, perception) of any object, phenomenon or process; main point of view on the subject; a…

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How to get rid of stretch marks after a quick weight loss
Stretch marks on the body, according to many, look unaesthetic. Often striae (the second name of the phenomenon) appear with a sharp weight loss. Therefore, everyone is eager to learn…

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Slimming communities: why you should not trust them

At the peak of popularity, all kinds of groups in social networks created by former “dummies” who managed to lose weight. Many follow the recommendations of homegrown gurus and hope to solve their problems with being overweight. Our experts explain why the advice of “experienced” will not help in this and suggest an effective strategy.

Women who were able to lose weight themselves and showed the world the result of “before and after”, always inspired. The trend “I came up with my weight loss system and share it with you” appeared long before the heyday of social networks. So, the well-known Ekaterina Mirimanova, who is neither a professional nutritionist, nor a trainer, released her book “System minus 60” back in 2005 and gathered tens of thousands of followers.

Today, tens of thousands of social media profiles are created by successfully losing weight girls. Slender goddesses inspire by their example and can tell a lot of interesting things, although they do not have the corresponding diplomas. Of course, many of them continue to follow the chosen path, receive additional education and radically change their personal and professional lives.

But in the majority, those who have successfully lost weight help others to find a dream figure, without having the necessary qualifications. They do this quite sincerely, with the enthusiasm of a neophyte. And that is why you should be on the lookout: using unprofessional help, you risk getting injured. Take back responsibility for your health, well-being and appearance. Our experts suggest how to do this.

Get inspired
Former “donuts” inspire and delight. Still would! Losing weight is the achievement of a goal, and who does not like to share their successes? “Choosing mentoring, those who lose weight want to pass on their knowledge to others, and enjoy the fact that they fulfill this need,” explains Olga Kuznetsova, a practicing psychologist, an expert on psychology and problems of citizens, the founder of the OKPSY psychological center. According to the expert, the one who with great difficulty acquired an ideal figure is sincerely sure: it is his system that helps, because it is empirically tested. That is, its effectiveness has been proven by experience.

Join the public for inspiration and support. Perhaps it’s only for this that such communities are worth valuing.
In addition, they face a new goal – to maintain weight. “The most difficult part in this everyday process is that there will be no visible success and euphoria,” Olga Kuznetsova explains. – To consolidate the result, motivation is important – internal and external. So, the latter is provided by the so-called followers – a community that is formed around the thinner and his ideas. ”

When joining a public, be aware: a person created it primarily for himself. And you get inspiration and a support group. Only for this, perhaps, such communities should be appreciated.

Realize your personality
At the heart of the hope that someone’s successful weight loss experience will help you, lies the error: our bodies are about the same. Yes, everyone has two arms, legs, a trunk and a head. But the similarities end there. We are all unique and different from each other: metabolic rate, eating habits, temperament and millions of other parameters. Therefore, the methods that helped the leader of the public on losing weight will never be effective for you.

Adjusting physical activity and nutrition helps reduce weight. To give effective recommendations for a specific person, you need to have a thorough understanding of chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology and be able to intelligibly convey this information to losing weight so that work on the body takes place consciously.

Solving financial, legal and other important issues, we will certainly turn to specialists. To repair water or wiring in an apartment, we call a plumber and an electrician. But for some reason we show unacceptable negligence to the temple of our soul – the body. Although it is clear that the human body is a complex system. And for weight loss, a whole range of measures should be developed, it is not enough just to adhere to the idea of ​​”eat less.”

Unlike an enthusiast, a professional nutritionist and trainer will not only tell you how the body is arranged, but also intelligibly explain to you why you need to eat this way and not just perform these exercises. “In addition, a certified trainer also has pedagogical knowledge, thanks to which he creates individual motivation,” Anna Milyaeva explains.

And the last, most important difference between an amateur and a professional is that the latter is responsible for your result and health. Agree, it will never occur to you to make a complaint to the founder of the group that, following his recommendations, you were injured. Unfortunately, there are also unskilled specialists among fitness experts.

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