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Fitness couple enhances sex drive

An unexpected option for spending time together is how to sweat in the gym. Psychologists say: “useful” activities (rather than ordinary walks and gatherings in a cafe) help to get to know your partner better, create shared memories and strengthen relationships in a couple. Even if you have been husband and wife for a long time, joint training will bring something new to everyday life.

And from a purely practical point of view, practicing together is useful for several reasons:

it’s more fun than dragging iron;
You can perform decent power loads with the help of a partner;
a great option if both of you have not decided for a long time to finally go to the gym;
additional motivation appears;
there is reliable insurance in the person of the second half.
For some couples, going to the gym becomes a point of intersection outside the walls of the house and household chores.

Sexologists say that monitoring your partner’s muscle tension enhances sexual desire.

Partly, the opinion is justified: since ancient times, primitive people were attracted to pheromones, which are secreted with sweat.

With regular sports, a man’s testosterone production increases, libido rises. And the woman’s figure is tightening. Therefore, oddly enough, going to the gym can diversify sex life.

Fitness paired

Important: mirror exercises are not suitable for beginners. They can be done with a girlfriend, but not with a guy. The fact is that the training task is to pump up exactly the right muscles for the guy (chest, arms) and work on the problem areas of the girl (tighten the hips, remove the sides).

We recommend that you try the following options for co-training with your boyfriend or husband.

Exercise number 1
For her: legs

For him: arms, chest

A man lies on a bench and puts his hands forward. The girl stands slightly leaning forward with her torso, palms resting on the palms of the guy. On exhalation, he bends his arms at the elbow below the level of the bench, she at this moment does a squat with a flat back.

When you return to its original position, the girl creates resistance to the guy, the effect of a bench press with weight appears. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise number 2
For her: press

For him: legs

She lies on a rug, holds her legs upright. The partner holds her by the socks, puts his legs shoulder-width apart. You can hold on to his ankles. Exercise: he pushes her legs, crouches. At this moment, the girl lowers her straight legs down to an angle of 30 °. When a man leaves the squat, he again takes her feet, as in the starting position. One approach is 25-30 times.

Exercise number 3
For her: inner thigh

For him: hands

The girl lies on her back with her legs raised. A man holds his palms between the feet of his partner. She spreads her legs, when returning to the starting position, the guy exerts resistance. So his arm muscles work, and the girl’s load on the inner thigh increases. Do up to 30 repetitions.

Exercise number 4
For her and him: abdominal muscles.

Sit on adjacent rugs with a mirror facing each other. Bend your knees. Take the ball (or bottle of water) in your hands. At the same time, swing the press with your hands behind your head. After each return to the starting position pass the ball to each other.

It serves as a hand clamp or a small weighting agent. A trained couple can use special weights on their arms and legs. Perform 30-35 times.

Exercise number 5
For her: buttocks, hip biceps.

For him: the front and back muscles of the hips.

He stands with feet shoulder width apart. He holds his hands in front of him, gives support to his partner. During the exercise, lunges back (legs change). The girl, when the partner lunges, swings back, leaning forward. Support: partner’s hands and leg. In this case, synchronization is important! Otherwise, there is a risk of injury.

Do 20 times on each leg (if a girl makes a swing left, a man lunges right and vice versa).

Exercise number 6
For her and him: chest muscles, back stabilizers, triceps.

A sophisticated version of push-ups – not for beginners! The guy with the girl rest their palms on each other (one partner lies) and do push-ups from the chest. At the same time, the man’s hands are strained statically, and the partner has dynamics. During the exercise, monitor the balance, the straight position of the body and the elbow flexion: the right angle is 90 °.

Fitness paired

Exercise number 7
For her: legs

For him: pectoral muscles, deltas, body stabilizers

Instructor insurance recommended! The girl lies on her back, pulls her knees to her chest. A man rests on her feet with shoulder blades. He picks up dumbbells. Find the most stable position. She does a classic leg press, the guy performs a flattening. Repeat 10-15 times.

More experienced athletes can add weights or increase the load on the partner. For example, they do bench press from the chest, mirror squat and walking, training with ropes.

Always do warm-ups and stretches before and after strength training.

So the muscles will rest, the strength will be less, the risk of injury will decrease.

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