Types of muscle fibers and their functions
During training for fat burning or mass gain, you need to use different types of muscle fibers. About what they are and how to determine the ratio of muscle fibers…

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Can pregnant women do fitness?
The nine-month period of bearing a child is certainly not a reason to quit training. If you did not pay attention to the body before pregnancy, then its onset is…

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Slimming communities: why you should not trust them
At the peak of popularity, all kinds of groups in social networks created by former "dummies" who managed to lose weight. Many follow the recommendations of homegrown gurus and hope…

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A selection of books that every fitness practitioner should read

The books will be useful both for those engaged in fitness individually, and under the guidance of a personal trainer. Each of them is a direct guide to action that will help bring the body into perfect condition. The selection includes the best publications devoted to various topics – power and cardio loads, stretching exercises, nutrition. Ready collections of programs for daily classes are also not forgotten.

New Bodybuilding Encyclopedia
The book must be in your library in any case, because its author is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite the fact that it was written in 1985, it is still a manual for all fitness practitioners. Its 5 sections (volumes) describe in detail:

bodybuilding history;
axioms of strength training;
exercises for working out different muscle groups;
principles for drawing up training schemes;
planning of sports nutrition in bodybuilding.
Fitness Books

Other you
Ten Velihan currently runs the World Class Almaty club. In the past, he is the Asian champion in powerlifting (WPC Federation). He has the title of Master of Sports for Bench Press (bench press).

The language of presentation is simple and understandable, the volume of descriptions is quite sufficient for beginners. In this “alphabet” of fitness, you will find the postulates of proper eating behavior with a specific “storyboard” of the weekly menu. The training cycle is scheduled for 12 months and includes 2 programs – for rocking and for home. At the end, there is popular information about the necessary vitamins, sports supplements, and calorie-rich foods.

Dangerous / safe fitness through the eyes of a doctor
The book was written by Igor Borschenko in 2018. He is a well-known orthopedic neurosurgeon and a specialist in the field of exercise therapy and sports rehabilitation. In addition to describing safe strength training, here you will find detailed, easy-to-submit information about:

different types of workouts;
types of cardio training;
various running techniques;
isometric exercises and stretching;
exercises with overcoming your own body weight (calisthenics);
harmful exercises for the joints and spine;
features of fitness classes with children;
tests to determine the health of joints in the limbs, back, and neck.
Fitness Books
Muscle revolution
Today, the American bachelor of anatomy, Chad Waterbury leads the work on sports training for US special forces and simultaneously writes articles and training programs for the T-Natio website. His audience is pros and amateurs who are interested in developing strength and endurance, rather than muscle volume and shape.

The book describes in detail:

principles for building training, depending on the ultimate goal – weight loss, development of endurance, strength or volume of muscles, endurance, as well as their possible combinations;
exercise technique with bio-mechanical explanations, as well as precautions for the ligamentous-articular apparatus;
safe cardio during cyclic workouts;
features of sports nutrition;
questions on recovery, rest and sleep;
schematic training programs.
First published in 2007, the book is being released for the 4th time, as it is a hit book for fitness instructors. It is she who is the basis for drawing up individual training plans for beginners and middle peasants in bodybuilding, powerlifting and just wanting to have a decent figure and physical condition.

Fitness Books

Anatomy of exercise
This is a book for those who need to know how the body works during a particular strength exercise. Knowledge of biomechanics will help you quickly and without injuries to master the technique of performing exercises of any severity.

The author of this practical guide is Michael Ingerleib, a neurologist who has been practicing martial arts for quite some time. We also recommend reading his other book in the field of a healthy lifestyle – code yourself for harmony.

Nutrition for Athletes
In fact, the book by Michael Aranson is addressed to everyone who wants to learn the secrets of balanced and adequate nutrition systems. From it you will learn how the human body works. And on the basis of this, the recent dietary studies, the practical experience of the author and the objective assessment of your health and training system, you can create your own optimal diet.

Fitness Books

In 100 days form
This “cheat sheet” was compiled by a duet – consultant Heinrich Bergmüller, well-known in the world of fitness, and sports journalist Knut Okresek. The publication is beautifully translated into Russian. Presented not only training programs, but also analyzed the basic principles of healthy eating for fitness.

The book describes how to calculate and distribute training loads yourself, draw up an individual training program to restore health and fitness with gentle methods. The authors do not promise quick results, but if you show zeal and adhere to the proposed methodology, then success is guaranteed.

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