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How to choose a gym: expectation and reality

For many, a new life begins on Monday – on the first working day they postpone going to the gym. This is especially true in early spring, when everyone wants to “lose weight by the summer” or simply improve their health, undermined by hypovitaminosis.

How to choose a gym – setting unobvious priorities
Where, if not in the gym, does the atmosphere favor active sports? Around only fitness equipment, athletes, does not pull to lie down your favorite bed and something to eat a full refrigerator. Most of the people are lost which gym to choose for themselves: they are looking for the largest, tricked out, so that it has a pool, a sauna, and a friendly administrator … But in reality, these are just the points that are final in importance when choosing a place for classes.

How to choose a gym

Gym Location
The gym you will go to is good. It is very tempting to advertise a luxurious (and not even very expensive) fitness club outside the city, but you need to be honest with yourself: how many times do you have enough strength and time to get there?

Even if a car is available, traffic jams, unforeseen breakdowns, banal human laziness cannot be ruled out. And if you use public transport, then the prospect of traveling by bus for one hour in one direction, an hour in the other will cease to please after 2-3 lessons.

Reality: the closer the gym is to the house, the more often you will go to it. Ideally, if it is located between work and housing. The luckiest can find a room in a neighboring house or within walking distance. More believable is the distance of 3-4 public transport stops.

Even if there is no shower in it, a huge number of simulators and a subscription costs a little more, it is better to take it. He greatly wins sports clubs located on the other side of the city or even behind it.

Subtleties of using a subscription and price
Even if you are determined to engage in decisive, do not forget about life situations: unscheduled business trip, delay at work, a cold, vacation. It is unlikely that you will go to deal with temperature or refuse a weekend in favor of simulators. Therefore, take a subscription with the freezing function: for example, 9 months. classes + 30 days of freezing and paid freezing for a month.

How to choose a gym

This is good for two reasons:

gives flexibility in planning the training schedule;
no need to be afraid and regret the burnt activities that you have already paid for.
Always consider what the club offers. Often a subscription without freezing attracts with the number of classes, but to use them all, you need to go there every 3 days. Too much even for a trained person.

Be sure to ask about discounts and promotional programs. Perhaps there is a number of subscriptions at a reduced price on the eve of the holiday or a 10% discount for an invited friend. Remember that it is beneficial for the club to reduce the price, because they bear constant costs for electricity, personnel, maintenance of equipment.

Also affects the cost:

The amount of equipment (i.e. the ability to accommodate a new number of people). Hot yoga, half dance, pool, sauna make it higher.
Location Rent within the city in spacious bright rooms bites unlike semi-basements or a countryside.
The number of staff.
The quality of equipment, the presence of a dining area, a shower, the qualifications of trainers.
What should I do if I don’t like the hall or don’t have time to visit it? Sell ​​your subscription for a lower price to someone else. Similar offers can be found in groups of this fitness center, in social networks or on forums.

Services and equipment of the gym
One of the important points on how to choose a gym. If you don’t know what exactly you want to do, visit a club with a large number of zones and sections: they usually offer the gym itself, where there are exercise machines, treadmills, steppers. And also several sections: aerobics, yoga, swimming, dancing, boxing, crossfit, etc.

How to choose a gym

Sports Issues
If a beginner knows that he wants to focus on running, let him look at the cardio zone. Tracks and exercise bikes are expensive and in demand. If the hall is designed for 50 people, and there are only 2 tracks, there will be lines. To develop strength, you need high-quality power equipment with greased mounts, always screwed to the floor.

In the mixed room, where all the space is divided into zones, pay attention to the presence of rugs, mats and special elastic rubber blocks. Everyone should have enough equipment, and mats and blocks are a guarantee of safety during weight exercises.

It is clear that the weight lifter should not throw weight to where the girl is doing stretching. The more spacious the room and the zones are thoughtfully located, the better. Athletes should not engage on each other’s heads. If the hall is full, as in the morning minibus, the administration is greedy. This is fraught not only with the loss of comfort and effectiveness of the lesson, but also with injuries due to safety violations.

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