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The best exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls

How to choose exercises for buttocks that really “work”? In this article you will find a list of the most effective exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls.

Of course, pumping the buttocks in the gym is easier than doing it at home. The reason is simple and clear – in the room at your disposal will be much more tools. This includes barbells, a wide dumbbell row, and a whole list of various simulators that allow you to easily change the load, use different body positions, etc. Therefore, if you want to achieve truly “visible” buttocks, you should still take advantage of the benefits of visiting a fitness club.

I’ll note right away that the exercises that will be presented on this list are my personal “top” exercises for the “butt” in the gym today. I also belong to the category of girls who once fell into a “fever of the rear view” and have not passed for many years  Accordingly, all these exercises have been “tested” by me many times and, from my point of view, they are the most successful and effective. Some of them are quite common, others are used less often. But in all of them I am 100% sure.

I am convinced that for other coaches and trainees this list may be different, and that opinions will be very different. I do not aim to prove to someone that “one” is better than “another”. I just share “working” tools with you, but this does not mean that you cannot choose others. In the end, it is the trial and error method that allows you to determine what exactly suits you specifically.

How to pump up the buttocks in the gym girl

Definitely, this is not as easy as we would like. But quite real. Anatomy of the gluteal muscles involves the performance of certain movements in which the gluteal muscle is involved. So – it is necessary to make these movements. I already wrote this, but it’s better to repeat: if you want to “pump” the buttocks, then you need to train your buttocks, not your legs. This is the most common mistake in training – girls train the wrong muscles and, therefore, do not see the result where they would like to.

It was not in vain that I analyzed in detail the anatomy and structure of the gluteal muscles – not knowing what kind of movements a particular muscle group performs, you cannot work it out sufficiently. The most important rule in buttock muscle training: You must learn to feel these muscles. And this is not so easy, because in many exercises, especially basic ones, other muscles can “take” the load.

The most striking example is barbell squats. I don’t know where the idea came from, that this type of squats must be included in the program for training the buttocks in the gym, if the goal is to increase and strengthen them, but it is so deep in the heads that even people far from fitness know: you want to pump up the buttocks in the gym hall – you need to squat with a barbell. The only problem is that this exercise develops much more quadriceps (front thigh) than buttocks. If this does not bother you, then everything is fine. But if you are afraid to “siphon” your legs, but be careful with this exercise. Squats with a barbell on the shoulders also have a strong compression effect on the spine. This is “not very useful” even if you have no back problems, and if they have (even banal scoliosis), then this option of squats is generally better not to use.

Also, I recommend trying new exercises for the buttocks in the gym more often. All muscles, including gluteus maximus, are able to adapt to the load. Therefore, if you constantly perform the same exercises, your progress may stop. Moreover, purely physically you cannot infinitely increase the weight of the load and therefore you cannot shock muscles, thereby provoking muscle growth. And the use of different exercises, or even more correctly, different variations of the same exercises, allows you to constantly “surprise” the muscles, thereby supporting the progress of your results.

Effective exercises for the buttocks in the gym
Now go directly to the list of exercises. They will be presented in order of decreasing complexity, but this does not mean that the exercises at the end of the list should not be used. It is the complex use of different exercises in training that allows you to pump up the “butt” in the gym.

In addition, some exercises from the list will be aimed at strengthening the biceps of the thigh (back of the thigh). Firstly, in many exercises this muscle works together with the gluteal muscles. Secondly, in my opinion, hip biceps should be trained together with the buttock muscles to form a proportional figure. And thirdly, the back of the thigh is very prone to manifestations of such an unpleasant thing as cellulite. Exercise strengthens the muscle and, as a result, the skin in this area looks more elastic and toned (i.e., the manifestations of cellulite are reduced).

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