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Some fitness facts that your trainer won’t tell you

A healthy lifestyle is choosing more and more people. To look better and feel great, many choose fitness. But, like any business, you need to do sports wisely.

1. A noticeable result will have to wait long enough

Do not expect too fast results from classes in the gym. Those who want to lose weight by the summer or the New Year in 2 months are likely to fail. Of course, it all depends on the initial quality of your body, weight, as well as age. In any case, you will notice the first results of training after about 2-3 months. Others will see positive changes in your body no earlier than six months later. It is also important to understand that the key to success is regularity, the frequency of training and proper nutrition. Two shock workouts per week will not be of particular benefit. You can achieve good results with 3 power and 2 cardio workouts per week. And it’s not necessary to spend 5 days a week on the hall. As a cardio load, a normal walk may well be.

2. It is not always possible to achieve the desired result.

If you have an ideal figure in your head and want to achieve such a result with the help of fitness, be prepared for the fact that this may not work. Firstly, it is worth considering the initial, genetic data of each person and the characteristics of the physique. Someone’s muscles naturally grow better, while someone’s faster metabolism. In addition, many professional athletes and fitness trainers use special medications to achieve their desired figure. Setting a goal that is unattainable with your data, you can not only lose motivation, but also get a not quite harmonious figure. To set the right goal, you need to objectively evaluate yourself, take into account your capabilities and limitations, and try to achieve the best possible shape with your initial data.

3. Usually 5-7 lessons with a trainer are enough

Trainers are very fond of saying that everyone needs a personal training program and that you yourself cannot make it up. This is not true. You need a coach who will put the equipment. Usually 5 lessons is enough for this. Then you can do it yourself. After about a month and a half, you can take a few lessons from another trainer so that he checks whether you are doing everything right and answered the accumulated questions. More trainer is not objectively needed. Another thing is that classes with a trainer are more disciplined, but this is a matter of personal motivation.

4. Only basic exercises will help build a beautiful body.

It’s advantageous for trainers to keep the client near them for as long as possible, so they often neglect basic exercises and offer a lot of isolating muscles for different muscle groups. But it is important to understand that it is on the basic exercises that you need to focus in order to achieve a good result. Basic exercises are lunges, bench presses, deadlift, squats and push-ups. The muscle corset is built precisely thanks to them. At the same time, basic exercises also have different efficiencies. It is important to empirically understand which exercises your muscles respond best to. For the development of gluteal muscles, for example, squats are more suitable for someone, and lunges are more suitable for someone. Of course, isolating exercises are also important, moreover, they are usually more interesting and more pleasant to perform, but you should not limit yourself to them only.

5. Sportpit is generally not needed at all.

Beginners who have just come to the gym often believe in the magical power of sports nutrition. In fact, if you have a sufficiently diverse and competent diet and you do not want to participate in the bikini contest, you do not need a sports drink. Even if the trainer in the gym persistently offers you protein or fat burner, do not give in. Perhaps he just wants to make a little money for you by recommending a magic tool from a local fitness bar. You do not need a fat burner, and you will lose weight. Proper nutrition plus regular training in the long term will give you a beautiful figure without any sports nutrition.

6. Using fitness, it’s not necessary to completely get rid of cellulite

about that there is no anti-cellulite cosmetics, it seems, everyone has already understood. But there is still a strong belief that regular sports activities will help you to forget about this problem forever. This is not entirely true. Any training, strength or cardio, by themselves do not remove cellulite. Even if you train in good quality, but eat a lot, albeit healthy food, cellulite may well remain. There is good news: if you regularly exercise and monitor nutrition, then cellulite will be much less pronounced.

7. To achieve a beautiful press, it is not necessary to download it often

In the gym, many people like to download the press at every training session, but in reality this is not so necessary. Moreover, with certain exercises, on the contrary, you can only expand the waist. If you want a beautiful press, do not purposefully strain it. The abdominal muscles get enough exercise during basic exercises.

Rules for Effective Training
A healthy lifestyle has become a fashion trend. Most are unhappy with their figure and tend to look better. Obviously, this requires regular exercise, which will help to cope with…


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