Hitch and proper rest after training

How to motivate yourself to a healthy lifestyle?
Wanting to change their appearance, many ask themselves the question: how to force yourself to play sports? The main mistakes in motivation and a detailed analysis of all the excuses…

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Scientific Aspects of Yoga
It is science, in modern conditions, that is an important factor determining the progressive transformations in any sphere of human activity, including yoga, as one of the most self-improving systems…

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What to wear and take with you to the fitness club
Perform exercise in comfortable clothes and shoes. This is not only aesthetics, but also safety: they cling to inventory with wide t-shirts, soft backs do not keep their feet on…

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“If you are going to postpone the practice until tomorrow, you may suddenly find that life has slipped away!”
Milarepa Shepa Dorje, September 1117 A.D.

In order to start changing, you need desire, not Mondays!

7 levels of motivation for doing yoga:
Level 1 (health) – Muladhara. At this level, a person chooses yoga practice in order to improve his health, cure a sore back, improve the state of blood vessels, get rid of headaches, and get out of a state of apathy and low energy. The motivation for achieving this level will be the achievement of a state of harmonious functioning of all organs and systems of the physical body, as well as strong immunity.
In the classic work of Patanjali “Yoga Sutras” it is said that the practice of yoga should be long, continuous and attentive. Yoga is a powerful medicine that, however, acts slowly. Therefore, do not expect quick results (although it may become easier for someone after the first lesson). At the same time, the positive results from such classes will be much longer. Continue reading

The best exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls

How to choose exercises for buttocks that really “work”? In this article you will find a list of the most effective exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls.

Of course, pumping the buttocks in the gym is easier than doing it at home. The reason is simple and clear – in the room at your disposal will be much more tools. This includes barbells, a wide dumbbell row, and a whole list of various simulators that allow you to easily change the load, use different body positions, etc. Therefore, if you want to achieve truly “visible” buttocks, you should still take advantage of the benefits of visiting a fitness club. Continue reading

How many workouts do you really need

We all know that regardless of whether you want to lose weight or increase muscle mass, or even you need both options, regular training is a necessary condition for improving your body. But what is behind the word “regular”? How many times a week to train.

Three workouts a week – this is not enough or not

I must say right away that this article will not give you an exact answer to the question “how often does a girl need to be engaged”. Why? Because it does not exist. The training regimen depends on many factors and, accordingly, each person can build a training schedule “for themselves”. Continue reading

Superset: how to increase your workout efficiency

How to apply a superset in training. Types of supersets and 4 cases when they need to be used.

If you are at least a little interested in training and fitness in general, you probably have at least once heard such a thing as a superset. Or maybe not only heard, but also used.

Since the “thing” is very common, let’s sort it out in more detail. So…

What is a superset?

Superset – these are two exercises performed one after another without a break. Continue reading

Some fitness facts that your trainer won’t tell you

A healthy lifestyle is choosing more and more people. To look better and feel great, many choose fitness. But, like any business, you need to do sports wisely.

1. A noticeable result will have to wait long enough

Do not expect too fast results from classes in the gym. Those who want to lose weight by the summer or the New Year in 2 months are likely to fail. Of course, it all depends on the initial quality of your body, weight, as well as age. In any case, you will notice the first results of training after about 2-3 months. Others will see positive changes in your body no earlier than six months later. It is also important to understand that the key to success is regularity, the frequency of training and proper nutrition. Two shock workouts per week will not be of particular benefit. You can achieve good results with 3 power and 2 cardio workouts per week. And it’s not necessary to spend 5 days a week on the hall. As a cardio load, a normal walk may well be. Continue reading

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